Special Thanks:


first of all to everybody who helped us by sending in reports, poems, pictures, etc., himclub italy for the discography, Thoran, "Producer" Jonny :-) , heartagram, Juska "Zoltan Pluto" , Aki for keeping us save, Hannu for the drinks, Mr. Vodka, Spencer, Ali, Mika, Enrico, Kormet and his nice wife, Tiina, Sonic Seducer esp. Pee-Wee, Holger, Klaus, Janne, the light guy, "Kato" / Berlin, FC. St. Pauli (next time ok?), Hasi, Mr. Media Sascha, Rofa, Leena, Mari, Ika, Jani (thx. for teaching us), Loreal, Tapasta, Cantina West, Danny, Tommy and Band, Sean + band, The Screepers, Andy, Br.S.(Rolling Stones bar), Tavastia, Ilves, Scotty, himclub, C.S. (keep on rollin), Norbert, Chef of the road J. (a lots of hugs for the long time), Jyrki, Shawn, Orkus, Udo, Mr. T, Coca Cola, Jägermeister and of course Vodka, Sex Bar Hamburg, Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg, Leena, Caribia, Herzt, the hotel in the middle of nowhere, "our home" for the nice atmosphere and hospitality, Dave, Scandia Bar, On the Rocks, Mauro, Salmiakki, and a very special kiitos to our "second home" LOST & FOUND and everybody we should thank but forgot about, sorry, u know too much Party too less sleep :-)

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